Whenever it gets to the time to file the tax return, a lot of people get worked up running from one place to the other in order to get necessary things ready. From post office to other bill utilities to obtain their forms and put necessary things in order. Some see it as a time when they don’t even need to get distracted and so they pack their families somewhere for a picnic so they can have all the time to themselves in preparation for the tax return. For those that are doing it for the first time, it becomes a rigorous activity and they end up making one mistake or the other. Ways out of these issues are what we want to handle in this article. Below is listed some steps that could be taken as you prepare to file your tax return and what happens after filing:

Obtain Form From Post Office

The first step is to go to the post office to obtain the tax return form and other necessary things that need to go with it. Knowing those things you need to obtain from them will save you the time of having to go there the second time. So if you are filing tax return form for the first time, get prior knowledge of the needed things before proceeding to post office to avoid wasting time and money going back for those things.

Filling Of The Tax Return Form

Patiently fill the form one box after another. In this stage, you have to be extra careful so you don't run into errors that will render the form useless. The answer to each box is usually connected to the next, so do it well. At the final stage of the form, you will then get to answer if you are to be refunded or you owe.


Get The Right Place To Mail It

After filling the form, the next step is to mail it to the necessary address. The address is usually located on the instruction page, so you need to read through it carefully to get the address. Once you get the address, proceed by putting it into an envelope.

Proceed To The Post Office

As soon as you finish, go straight to the post office, don't let the deadline meet you at home. If you are lucky enough, you might meet the last batch being dispatched so that you don't have to wait for another set to be dispatched. If there is no delay in postage, within two business days, the tax return would have gotten to the appropriate place. Once it gets to the appropriate place, it will join queue until it gets to the correct department where it would be handled.

The Tax Return Gets Scanned

Once it gets to the department that would handle it, they will scan it using a machine called optical scanner. This has the ability to convert handwritten documents into files that can be read by the computer. So this machine scans the tax return form and transfers it to the computer for further processing. If the optical machine is not able to read your handwriting, then it will reject it and that means your tax return has to be put into another queue where it would be processed manually by a human being. This will make it take extra four or five days. It is also possible that someone can read your tax return form and type what you have written into the computer system. At that stage, it becomes a raw data file..





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It Passes Through An Editing Program

At this stage, the raw data file is accessed by a computer editing program which checks the basic details entered in the form. It checks things like if the SSN is valid, if you mistakenly entered more zeros in filling amount of income, for example, $10,0000 instead of $10,000. If there is no error found, your tax return will then be put together with other taxpayers who filed their tax return electronically.

Further Computer Programs Work On The Database

In this stage, other computer programs process the database of all the tax returns and access them to find out if what you filed is the same thing with what the employers filed. If what you filed as income is less than what your employer filed, then your tax return would be pulled out for special attention. It also undergoes checks for random audit.


But if peradventure, you pass that stage and you have a refund, then you will be directed to a program that will print a refund check which might take another one or two days to complete. This is because after printing it, it has to be sent to you through the mail, the same way you sent the tax return. But if you opted for a direct deposit, then there will not be a need for that as pay request would be raised for money to be deposited into your bank account within a day.

I hope this has given you enough information on the process of the tax return. I believe you are also more equipped now with what happens before and after you file your tax return so that it will enable you to make necessary adjustments where you need to in order to avoid your time being wasted unnecessarily after you have filed your tax return.


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